Nosotras hablamos español!

Nosotras hablamos español!


“My kids love the doctor. Very gentle and comforting. Plus he’s funny, too!”

Joe G.

“My kids and I love the doctor. Very satisfied with his work and kids love the surprises after.”

Paula V.
“Took my 2-year-old for her first appointment. I was extremely nervous because she does not do good in confined situations. The team member who took us back was so darn sweet and patient. We were seated in a room that was extremely kid-inviting. The doctor came in after a few minutes and was so nice and friendly. He explained what was going to happen and was very quick and straightforward with his job. I totally recommend this place to parents with children like mine who are scared. My baby came out with smiles!”
Zeta D.

“They were so nice to me and my son, and the service was quick and easy!”

Taleetha B.

“Super friendly team and the doctor is amazing!”

Tamara L.

“Excellent service and team! The doctor was very nice and professional. He explained everything very well and answered all my questions.”

Sandra M.

“My 3-year-old went in; she was a little nervous at first but definitely left smiling. They were very fast about getting her seen and having her x-rays done. The assistant taking her x-rays was just wonderful. They definitely made my daughter feel comfortable. Would definitely recommend.”

Caitlin H.

“The team is very kind! My youngest had her first dental procedure there and they did a great job!”

Holly N.

“The doctor is awesome! He let me know the last dentist only did patch work. He is also going to fix my 3-year-old’s teeth with sedation the correct way. I’m so glad I came to Kinder Pediatric. The team is kid-friendly and does amazing work.”

Maureen Z.

“My kids and I love this doctor. Been going to him for the last 8 years. He is the only dentist I take my kids to. My family and I trust him dearly. Thank you!”

Galaxy W.

“Absolutely recommend.”

Danny V.

“I took both toddlers here for their regular check up and I loved it. The team was very friendly and professional as well as the doctor. Nice atmosphere, clean establishment. Regular wait time.”

Virginia P.

“I’ve been taking my children to this doctor since 2009. He is great; my kids feel so comfortable with him. He has patience with the kids and he explains everything very clearly about their oral health. His office is kid-friendly and the team is awesome.”

Cristal M.

“Going to Kinder Pediatric was awesome! The doctor answered all of my questions, explained the procedure fully, and he did it in a very professional and informative way. All the ladies there were very nice and they made my daughter feel very comfortable about going to the dentist. The atmosphere was friendly and really geared to make kids okay with going to the dentist.”

Anita W.

“I have been coming to this doctor for over 5 years now. The team is super friendly and very understanding. My eldest is 18 and wishes he can continue coming to this office because he is comfortable with the doctor and the team. My 5-year-old daughter LOVES coming to her check-ups. I have no complaints whatsoever!”

Linda M.
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