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California Living Museum (CALM)

The California Living Museum, also known as CALM, is a living example of the state’s incredible biodiversity and dedication to conservation. It is located right in the middle of Bakersfield, California. CALM offers guests an immersive experience that encourages a deeper understanding for California’s diverse ecosystems and species with its distinctive combination of a zoo, botanical garden, and natural history museum.

A Living Museum of California’s Ecosystems

A normal zoo or museum is not CALM. Instead, it’s a vibrant institution that exhibits native animals and plants from California in their natural settings. The goal of the museum is to inform, motivate, and inculcate in visitors of all ages a feeling of environmental care.

Exploring California’s Wilderness

Its large outdoor space, which is home to a variety of native California species, is one of CALM’s unique attractions. You’ll come across animals like the majestic California condor, amusing river otters, and the elusive bobcat as you wander along the well-kept trails. The roomy enclosures at CALM provide a more natural and moral method of caring for animals, guaranteeing that the residents can thrive in settings that closely mirror their natural surroundings.

The Birding Experience

CALM is a veritable birdwatcher’s delight. The museum is home to a wide variety of bird species, including the magnificent bald eagle and the vibrant American kestrel. For birdwatchers of all skill levels, the bird cages offer an up-close and personal experience because they are made to seem like the birds’ native habitats.

Conservation and Education

Education and environmental conservation are major priorities for CALM. The museum conducts a range of educational activities and events all year long to encourage environmental awareness. There are numerous chances for visitors to learn about the value of preserving California’s distinctive ecosystems, from guided tours and wildlife encounters to interactive exhibits.

The Desert and Beyond

The Desert Room of the museum takes visitors on a fascinating tour of California’s dry landscape. Discover the amazing adaptations that allow desert plants and animals to survive in severe settings here. Discover how animals that live in the arid regions of the Golden State, such as the desert tortoise and the Gila monster, have evolved to survive.

Botanical Gardens and Native Plants

CALM is a botanical oasis that promotes California’s unique plant life in addition to showing animals. The museum’s expansive gardens serve as a haven for native plant species and offer visitors a tranquil environment to discover the value and beauty of California’s flora.

For instance, the Ethnobotany Garden showcases the indigenous people’s interaction with plants and their customary uses. It serves as a reminder of the close ties that exist between indigenous cultures and the places they have lived for a very long time.

A Home for Endangered Species

The function that CALM plays in breeding and returning threatened species into the wild is one of its most important contributions to conservation. One of these success stories is the California condor, which was previously in danger of going extinct. In order to gradually restore these wonderful birds to their original habitats, CALM was instrumental in breeding and releasing them there.

Family-Friendly Fun

With a variety of activities and attractions suited for all ages, CALM is a great vacation spot for families. Children can learn via play in the Children’s Discovery Center, which provides an engaging environment. It has interactive displays, a petting zoo, and educational activities meant to pique visitors’ interests in the natural world.

The Gift of CALM

The museum’s gift shop is a veritable gold mine of eco-friendly goods, instructive literature, and one-of-a-kind trinkets. You can find items that support CALM’s purpose and serve as thoughtful gifts for those who value the environment, whether you’re searching for a souvenir of your trip or something to remind you of the value of protecting California’s natural heritage.

A Community Resource

Beyond serving as a tourist destination, CALM is firmly rooted in the neighborhood. To further its goals of teaching and conservation, the museum works with universities, environmental groups, and researchers. It’s a location where everyone from all backgrounds may come together to discover, value, and save California’s distinctive natural heritage.


More than just a zoo or museum, the California Living Museum (CALM) in Bakersfield, California, is a living celebration of the state’s biodiversity and natural beauty. The dedication of CALM to ethical animal care, education, and conservation distinguishes it as a special and crucial institution.

The different habitats and species of California may be experienced at CALM, and you can also gain a deeper appreciation for the significance of conservation. Whether you’re a fan of the natural world, a family seeking an educational excursion, or just someone who loves its beauty, CALM offers an immersive experience that will give you a fresh appreciation for the wild side of California. So, the next time you find yourself in Bakersfield, make sure to check out CALM and learn about the state’s diversity and beauty.

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